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A quick web search revealed that meant the unit was overloaded…

which came as a surprise since I’ve been running the exact same load on this unit since I bought it 5 years ago.

I knew what would happen if I called APC’s tech support number (as I’d done it many time before), but I figured I’d do it again, just for fun.

🙂 So rather than junk a UPS unit that I really liked, let’s assume I’m willing to roll the dice and try replacing the batteries anyway. That’s right – they’re assuming you’re going to upgrade the unit rather than replace the batteries. It’s covering up the printing on the side of the battery (the APC marketing department got a little smarter and Photo Shopped it out on the RBC2 image). The label’s covering up the fact that there a cover up! True truth is that there’s only a handful of factories in the world (all of them in Taiwan) that make these rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, which power a wide variety of devices, including powered wheelchairs and scooters, alarm systems, and battery backup units.

The next step would be a trip to APC’s replacement battery look-up tool… In fact, the text at the top of that page says: Again: the upgrade option is pitched before battery replacement, even though 9 times out of 10, a replacement battery is all you need. Just for fun, go ahead and type that in the Upgrade Selector page to see the results. If you look really hard, you can see listed under “Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity” a number 9. But you’ll get plenty of data on the net weight, height, depth, operating temperature, etc. The RBC2 page shows a retail price of $44.99 (so at least you were getting a bit of a deal on the two-pack), but it doesn’t show any voltage or amp-hours on the page. Which brings us back to the second detail I noticed in the RBC109 battery. There is very little (if any) difference in quality among these large manufacturers, meaning all you need to care about is the voltage, amp-hours rating, and physical dimensions of the battery, and you’re good to go…

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