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This was effective before Molicare and Abena-X became available.

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Hopefully, the only thing different about wearing a diaper is that you can relax and enjoy what it is you went out for; errands, a ball game or a movie.

Now, outings such as a sporting event or movie call for longer periods away from home and that requires a diaper that will last longer or must be changed while away from home.

Folks are split on this issue of changing or wearing more protection. Some are more fastidious than others and want to be clean and dry. If odor is not a problem and the skin stands up to longer periods in a wet diaper, they would rather avoid the hassle of a change away from home.

Clothing types enter the picture, too, since some want to wear pants that are tighter fitting, and perhaps they can get away with wearing a standard disposable (Attends) but a premium disposable (Molicare, Abena-X) would bulge more than they would feel comfortable with.

They are faced with a trade-off between concealing bulk when wearing more diaper or bringing a diaper with them for a change so they can wear the thinner diaper.

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