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There are posters on prominent display in Bardejov's town square informing visitors that the town received a UNESCO gold medal in 1986 for its efforts to maintain its heritage.Then in 2001, the whole city was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.But you don't need the signs to tell you that Bardejov is a winner.

The main square, Radničné námestie, is lined with perfectly-maintained burgher houses, and you can't walk anywhere outside of the square without hitting one of the bastions of the town wall that once defended Bardejov from invasion.

Bardejov's bus and train stations are about a 10 or 15 minute walk northeast of the main square, across the major thoroughfare that leads into the town.

Once you're at the centre, just about everything worth seeing is within a five-minute walk.

The most obvious attraction is also the nicest one: the Sv. Egidius) gothic basilica, constructed between 15 on the place where a Cisterian monastery likely stood 300 years before that.

The church makes a striking landmark in the main square.

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