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You turn to Ok Cupid for casual dating, Tinder for hookups, e Harmony for long-term love, and Ashley Madison for illicit extracurricular activity. You may think you know which dating services are best for different kinds of relationships (and you’re probably very opinionated about it), but how do your favorites actually stack up when put to the test?A new survey by Consumers’ Research sought to find the dating app that is most likely to lead to a long-term relationship.

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Consumers’ Research also found that tech savvy Millennials prefer to use multiple dating apps, instead of just one, to increase their odds of stumbling across someone special.

Well over half of the survey’s participants reported that they ended up in relationships for at least some period of time after using an online dating site or app.

The question is, which service is most effective if you’re looking for a long-term relationship?

The Consumers’ Research survey also examined online harassment.

Most people can agree they don’t like scalding hot coffee, but it’s tough to get people to agree on how they do like their coffee. Obviously men do this as well; I’ve just heard this complaint more frequently from men than from women.

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