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That's on purpose - there is no such thing as 'green coal' - let's work on researching alternative, **Note: I've gotten some flack about using the term 'hippie' here, so please let me clarify.

The 'hippie movement', as it is now called, wasn't some special club that folks joined by having long hair, wearing love beads, dropping acid, smoking joints and living in San Francisco.

It was a label given to a broad range of experimental, rebellious individuals who decided that it was time for society to change, and they each contributed to that attempt to change it in their own unique ways.

I don't have super long hair, I don't smoke pot, I've never dropped acid and I take regular baths... When the rest of the flock turns right, I wait and ask 'why? I revel in the revolutionary rhythm of rising resistence.

West Virginia masters are presented to an audience of more than 3000 musicians and string band music lovers from around the world.

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