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The dance often finishes with the man kneeling on one knee, with the woman placing her foot triumphantly on his raised knee.

In Bolivia, there are many variations throughout the different regions.

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While dancing, handkerchiefs are used by both male and female dancers by twirling over the head.

It is said the twirling of the handkerchief is a way to lure the woman. Cueca dancing resembles a rooster-chicken relationship. The man approaches the woman and offers his arm, then the women accompanies him and they walk around the room.

The clothing worn during the cueca dance is very traditional Chilean clothes. The men in the dance wear the huaso's hat, shirts, flannel poncho, riding pants and boots, short jacket, riding boots, and spurs. They then face each other and hold their handkerchief in the air, and begin to dance.

They never touch, but still maintain contact through facial expressions and movements.

to have mostly European Spanish and arguably indigenous influences.

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