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I’ve been scratching my head trying to get a read on Gu Family Book ever since it was announced, and having trouble knowing what to expect. We’ve got a lovely set of stills here that at least give me He’s a guardian spirit of Mt.

Thrilling or romantic or action-packed or dramatic?

Gumiho lore likes to depict the mystical liver-eating fox creatures as females (though not exclusively; consider 2004’s starring Kim Tae-hee), and so the immediate assumption was that the mother would be the fox.

But I love the reversal here with Dad providing the mystical DNA, and in the drama’s “present” storyline it’s a male lead who’s struggling with his half-beast side, hoping to become human.

Maybe Woong-ah will finally feel some sympathy pangs retroactively for how he treated Mi-ho’s need to become human?

It’s also a nice change of pace to make the heroine the warrior, since Suzy plays a skilled fighter with particular prowess at archery.

Her father (played by Jo Sung-ha) is a former soldier who now teaches the younger generation, and Suzy is a martial arts instructor at his school.

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