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I have enjoyed Summer 2016 probably more than any summer in my life because I can honestly say that I’ve come to a point where my insecurities and societal pressures DO NOT affect how I dress.

I’ve worn my hair pulled back into a pony because of the high temps, something I...

Read more On April 6, 2016 Sexy Plus Clothing was honoured to present our Spring 2016 plus size clothing fashion show at the Women's Automotive Conference at the prestigious Weston Harbour Castle in downtown Toronto.

Our models truly delivered the essence of confident, stylish curves. Read more "Pull Over Ma'am" - not something you ever want to hear, but I couldn't resist this cute play on words to introduce my latest look featuring a pullover blouse by Point Zero Curvy and how I styled this 'arresting' outfit.

My problem with Point Zero Curvy is that I love their line -...

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