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By the way, this is a good time to note that O-Synce is pronounced “O-Science”.

I figure that the pronunciation for Navi2Coach is fairly self-explanatory.

Inside you’ll find the upper level has the unit, and the lower level hides all the mount brackets, cables and other accessories.

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First is the manual, of particular note is the mount setup.

While the whole thing may be obvious after reading this post, I assure you that upon opening it up the first time you’ll be confused.

If nothing else, read the manual to figure out the mount. Basically the same as most phone chargers these days: Next up is the battery (yup, it’s both rechargeable and end-user swappable), as well as half of the mount stuff.

The other half of the mount stuff came on the unit itself.

A closer look at the battery: Here’s the unit itself.

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