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He is missed by many but especially by myself, his dad and his heartbroken younger sister, Claire. I AM SORRY FOR THE PAIN YOU FELT, FOR THE IGNORANCE OF THE POLICE OFFICERS, I AM SO SORRY YOU HAD TO GO AND BE TAKEN AWAY FROM US SO UNEXPECTED. My Love, my Best friend, My boyfriend, my heart, my everything, father to a beautiful daughter, brother to 3 younger siblings, uncle to 4 nephews, son to a lovely mother and a great friend too many others. That one son less than an hour later was calling 911 and performing CPR on his Blue and Cold Deceased Mother after Dealer and Live in Bofreind of 5 years said they were leaving to get something to drink and Shut the bedroom door behind them with Our Cherish Daughter, Sissy, Mommy, Aunty, Grandmother of 2 G-Babies under 2 years of age! I don't remember how many times he tried to kill me.. I can only hope and pray that the lives lived and lost to this disease are “testament to a higher cause all for the greatest good of the many”. Jon you are missed beyond measure and thought of something often. I love you more than words & I miss you like crazy! Or that we have lost the most precious angel to ever walk this earth. You would of done amazing things, but some of your choices got the best of you.

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