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A woman with money was either highly successful in business further evidence to their confidence, intellect and ability to get to the top or made out on a divorce suggesting that they valued themselves enough to marry a wealthy man, and valued themselves even more to make use of his riches in asserting her independence.Either way, a womans money makes her attractive to a younger set.Still, acting as mentor and financial support to a younger person does not mean that mature women drain themselves of their own resources without receiving anything in return.

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Whether she has been married before or not, an older woman has had more years of experience between the sheets than her younger partner.

A Cougars partner therefore gets to experience the excitement of learning new positions and sensations as performed by a master.

Apart from the new sexual sensations are the emotional sensations of being nurtured by a mothering figure.

An older woman may be a mother, or may have never had children; either way, she has an instinct to take care of a younger person.

Her gentle hand and soothing caresses help her younger partners to put their anxieties and troubles aside.

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