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It's important to note that people with high functioning autism are not lacking in emotions, and can be very empathetic.In some cases they may be creative and innovative (though in other cases they may prefer a regular routine).Difficulties arise, however, when folks at the high end of the autism spectrum run up against social conventions or expectations that are complex and require a high level of "social thinking skills."Hans Asperger was a Viennese child psychologist who worked with a group of boys all of whom had similar developmental differences.

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As a result of the second world war, Asperger’s work disappeared for a number of years.

When it reappeared in the late 1980’s, it garnered a good deal of interest. Clearly, since so many successful people seem to have the diagnosis (Dan Ackroyd, for one, announced his diagnosis on the air and rumor has it that Bill Gates may also have Aspergers) it is not a disability in the classic sense.

Today, Asperger’s Syndrome (despite the fact that is no longer an official diagnostic category! In fact, some historians suggest that Einstein, Mozart, and Alan Turing (the inventor of the first electronic computer) may all have been diagnosable with Asperger’s.

What people with Asperger Syndrome do have in common is a set of characteristics that may make social interaction particularly difficult.

Do you find yourself confused in social situations? Is it tough for you to make and maintain eye contact?

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