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Please don't post any SPOILERS about upcoming shows. Over scenes from last week’s premiere, her voice over continues, making a nice change from the standard “previously on”.

Speculation is fine; but the only risk should be if you haven't watched an episode. “I never thought, before I’d save our country, I’d have to save myself. Shelby deletes a phone contact with what looks like a name in Arabic script.

I need to find the truth.” Also better than “To save my city, I have to *be* someone else.” The truth is out there, Alex! We’re flashing back to pre-Quantico and the new recruits’ interviews. As each one leaves, something hinky occurs to rouse our suspicions. Nimah is joined by the assistant director, Miranda Shaw.

Since opposite-sex PMs are frowned upon in the military, I’m pretty sure this arrangement is script dictated to build sexual tension.

But hey, I get to see Jake Mc Laughlin in a towel, so it works for me.

Ryan is having problems getting close to Alex again.

My suspect, the hijab-wearing twins playing Nimah, and my friend’s suspect Shelby, seem to get along with her just fine.

But I think I see a spark of jealousy in her eyes when he starts playing up to the ex cop, Natalia, who seems to have it in for Ms. This week’s first class is on preventing terrorist attacks.

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