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When I first separated from my wife Arlene, something happened that I probably shouldn't have found to be surprising.

While married, I was used to coming home to a house full of people; three young children and a wife did not make for a lot of down time.

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What was my relationship with my kids going to be like going forward? Is it possible to survive on a steady diet of pizza and scotch?

() I found that I couldn't go home at night; there was too much silence to be filled with anguished thoughts.

Instead I would go out to bars just to be surrounded by noise.

Of course that was not the healthiest or best remedy for what bothered me, but it is at those moments that you have to go with what you know best..

I was just trying to kill time and avoid those long, useless conversations in my head as I plotted out the direction that my life might take.

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