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Is this all part of the lingering mid-life crisis that led Johnny Depp away from solid and loyal partner Vanessa Paradis – after leaving Vanessa Johnny wound up in the arms of much younger Amber Heard? Depp has long said his pal Marlon Brando was one of his screen idols, but now it looks like Johnny may be channeling the over-indulgence his former co-star and screen legend Brando was famous for.

If he keeps on piling on the pounds, he may end up looking like chunky Brando.

Did Vanessa Paradis leave LA so that she could shield her kids from Depp and leave his young wife Amber to clean up his mess? Daughter Lily-Rose Depp doesn’t seem to be in school even though she’s just 16 and has her 24 year old divorced rumored Boyfriend Ash Stymest constantly at her side.

Is Vanessa struggling to deal with her teen daughter acting like an adult and getting no help from drunken Johnny Depp? In recent years, he’s seen his dad dump his mom, then take up with another woman, and now this descent into sloppy drunkenness.

Although Depp bought Paradis a $4 million LA mansion so the kids could be close to him after their split, perhaps Paradis should keep her kids at her other home in Paris far away from Depp. And will Amber Heard stand by him as he circles the drain?

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