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Department/State PWDs / Public Undertakings and Govt.

Sector Construction Agencies for AR&MO (E) at CW, Shahganj for the year 2016-17.

No, Tinder is really not an idle place to look for marriage partners.

Some profiles make guys feel that the moment they swipe right, by any chance, they will get married!

Sorry to disappoint, but Tinder is not a matrimonial platform.

So, it is better to save — "I am looking for true love ... I can cook, dance, etc, etc" for some place else.5) Profile pictures with kids: Besides the first query -- is it her baby or not, what exactly should guys make out of profiles with happy family pictures?

Ideally, babies help in keeping away the so-called bad guys, also babies have little role to play in igniting your dating life either.

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