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Get one, and with its super screen size and elegant design form, give your lifestyle a big boost.

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Remember when we were kids and our parents warned us not to talk to stran- gers? It's bad enough in the crowded towns we're living in, where sometimes even our neighbours are strangers, but if Earth wasn't tough enough, we're now dealing with everyday worries in the virtual one as well.

I'm not trying to suggest that social media or technology in general is this big bad tool that's killing us all... This month, after reading media hype about the stuff people do online - tweeting through child- birth, their own wedding ceremony, and various other events in life that really should be private, I can't seem to fathom what drives people to do such things.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm some prude who's advocating an end to the net or anything else that's ludicrous.

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