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and all the videos and images used in both, were created by myself (dcollins22).

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The weighting of each component of the 100% is not known and you cannot track it within the game.

It's worth noting that the game autosaves after you pick up each hidden package so even if you die immediately afterwards, you won't need to recollect it.

The same applies for completing missions and unique jumps.

You will receive on-screen notifications of each mission you complete, as well as for unique jumps and hidden packages. You can complete any of the requirements in any order you wish once you have access to the entire map, ust be sure to keep track of what you have and haven’t completed as not everything is tracked within the 'Stats' menu of the game.

Umberto Robina (Cubans): These Gang missions are given to you by the Cubans at Cafe Robina in Little Havana, Vice City.

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