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Eurovision is a special contest, a competition of TV performances, so the artist should unite in his presentation everything - song, vocal, expression, so that he during three minutes can catch the viewers attention not only with the creativity, but with his appearance as well.All these components were present in the performance of Daniil"- said jury member Sergey Zhdanovich.

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He has no idols in music, and his preferrable music genres are classics and rock.

In addition to winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year he dreams of seeing our planet from the space.

In his song, which will be presented at the Junior Eurovision 2010 - "Muzyki svet" ("Music of Light") - he admits to love the music of Beethoven.

The song is based on the influences from "Moonlight sonata" of Beethoven and thus will have to be adjusted by the contest.

The final decision of EBU was that as lyrics of the song feature references to Beethoven, the sample of "Moonlight sonata" can be used in the music.

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