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If you contact me about this manual, I will ask you to identify yourself, your location, and your local union. Three facts distinguish the UAW, as far as this manual is concerned.

First, it holds its officers to high ethical standards, higher standards than other unions, or corporations, require of their own.

In 1992 in San Diego, the long-serving chairman of the Public Review Board ("PRB") addressed the convention, the UAW's highest body, reporting recent PRB activities.

He observed: [T]he UAW is the only major labor union in America to entrust the ultimate guardianship of the democratic rights of its members and subordinate bodies to a group of independent outsiders.

That is an enormous grant of power which no other organization outside the UAW, to any significant degree, whether in labor or out of labor, has ever tried to do. The ultimate guarantor of democracy in any institution is not the people who run it, but the legal structures which form the foundations upon which the institution is constructed.

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