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The second question that needs to be answered is what is the time period during which the Contax II and III cameras, manufactured in Jena after the end of World War II, actually manufactured?

There is some recently available old evidence allowing for this period to be determined. The third question is were Contax cameras manufactured at locations other than Jena after the end of World War II? Immediately as the war ended Germans were starving.

Hitler had engaged in a deliberate program to punish the German people for the war defeat and had ordered his armed forces to destroy all civilian infrastructure, transport and food stocks.

When the war ended workers at Zeiss manufactured cameras out of spare parts and sold them to American occupation forces for dollars so that they could purchase food for themselves and their families.

These Contax I, II and III cameras are not Jena Contaxes. The Zeiss workers, just like anyone else in their position immediately prior to the end of the war had to know that the war was lost and that they would have to fend for themselves for a while.

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