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The concert on Saturday evening was a successful affair. Clair, two sisters whose performances in concert, oratorio and operatic work gained for them a leading position in music circles. Clair as Mourzouk, in the costume of a Moorish chief, was perfect, his rich baritone voice being heard to great advantage. Henry Vaughan takes the character of Marasquin and a lover of Girofle, and goes through the several parts without a fault. After that he was with the South Opera Company as baritone, travelling in New South Wales. He was in Bendigo in 1854 (where he settled), and where his The Hotham Galop, "A new galop […] composed by Mr.

1908-10-19: Many old Sydney residents will recall with pleasure the names of Marie and Madeline St. Then he went in Simonsen's Company, lasting one over eighteen months, and the second six months. According to eye-witness Arthur Montague (writing in 1925), he was involved with the Melbourne Philharmonic for which, in 1854, he arranged the overtures of for 6 pianos.

To cite this: Graeme Skinner (University of Sydney), A biographical register of Australian colonial musical personnel–S, Australharmony (an online resource toward the history of music and musicians in colonial and early Federation Australia): Active Sydney (Balmain), by 1859 Died Bondi, NSW, 27 January 1907, aged 86 Summary: Madame Sachs, wife of Dr. The pieces played on Thursday last were mostly out of the Opera of , and we are quite ready to believe that the delightful airs with which this opera abounds, received new point and beauty from the genius of the performer.

(d.1891), was named as an "amatuer" in a concert at Balmain in 1859. He has, besides, a most extraordinary natural talent for music, which enables him to improvise the most charming fugues, either upon some well-known air, or upon some theme composed by himself on the instant; the latter being, in our opinion, by far the most effective part of his performances.

He published a transcription of an Indigenous song, taken in the mid 1840s, with piano accompaniment, as Maquielo: cancion de caile de los Australianos Occidentales (Maquieló-Dance Song of the West Australians; arranged for pianoforte). With respect to Don Rosendo's capabilities, he is most undoubtedly a very fine performer, having a command over his instrument such as is only possessed by first-rate players.

Saffery, and that the success which has attended this concert will stimulate the Singleton band to increased assiduity in their musical practisings. Born Tuy, Galicia, 11 July 1811 (elder brother of Rosendo Salvado) Active Western Australia, c.1868-79 Died Pontevedra, Spain, 17 April 1894NLA Persistent Identifier Resources: Xoan-Manuel Carreira, "The piano music of Rosendo Salvado", Born Tuy, Galicia, Spain, 1 March 1814 Arrived (1) Fremantle, WA, January 1846; departed 1849 (for Europe) Arrived (2) Perth, 1853; New Norcia, from 1857 (abbot, from 1867) Died Rome, Italy, 29 December 1900NLA Persistent Identifier The NLA has copies of 3 works by Salvedo, claimed to have been performed by him in Perth in May 1846: Pequeño entretenimiento con aire de marcha ("Compuesto y dedicado a la virtuosa senõrita Paquita Patrelli"), Fantasia, variaciones y final ("Compuestas y dedicadas a la excelentisima señora Condesa Lebzenltern"), and Gran walz fantastic ("Compuesto y dedicado a la senora Marquesa Santasilia"). The entertainment was limited to Don Rosendo's own performances on the pianoforte, with the addition of one Spanish national song, which Don Rosendo gave with a spirit and finish which we have heard much admired.

By 1855 he was evidently in the United States, where three musical prints bear his name: Malakoff Polka (Hurrah! We hope at no distant day to have another opportunity of hearing Mr. We could not, like the stranger, exclaim we had "heard that air before", nevertheless, a beautiful air it was, and elicited the rapturous encore it so well deserved. He returned to Europe in 1849 to raise money for his missionary endeavours; the music does not appear in the original Italian edition of his memoirs, Rudesindo [Rosendo] Salvado, On Thursday last, Don Rosendo Salvado, one of the Roman Catholic Missionaries, gave a Soirée Musicale at the Court house, Perth, in aid of the funds for his mission to convert and civilise the aborigines of this territory; the zealous missionary having devoted himself to this task, and already taken up his abode in the bush, in the neighbourhood of the Moore River.

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