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In May 2008, Studio XX, Montreal-based feminist bilingual media arts centre, launched its Matricules Archive.The archive contains digital art works, texts as well as documentation of events and collaborations with feminist artists dating back to Studio XX’s foundation in 1996.

What records are available through the archive today, and in what ways does the collection continue to expand?

SL: The Matricules archives comprises over 3,400 image, sound and video files, as well as critical texts, press releases and other documents chronicling all of Studio XX’s activities.

While most of the documents and media are available on the website, approximately 10 percent are available only at Studio XX for reasons of copyright or because of the nature of the content.

The Matricules project was made possible with a one-time-only grant, so from the beginning we set out to make this a self-sustaining project because our resources were going to be limited.

We started by integrating the archives into the Studio website, and by documenting the archiving procedure into a comprehensive Matricules guide, we managed to incorporate the project into our general operations.

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