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Actually, the photo above of the mantis was taken there.A recent walk on the trails gave me opportunity to photograph some beautiful native wildflowers, one of which I’ll share with you here.

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Only the females appear in these two strikingly different forms. I like to say that the females come in blonde and brunette. My own small yard (only 1/3 of an acre) is gradually being changed from a traditional suburban setting of lawn and non-native shrubs and flowers to a planting of host plants for a variety of native butterflies and moths.

Of course, as a result, I have to avoid use of insecticides which would kill the very insects I want.

Then I do see some “critters” I may not like as well.

As I learn to accept these as part of the ecosystem, amazingly I even begin to see them as interesting and vital parts of their environment.

Consider this praying mantis to the left as an example.

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