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Handbrake is a totally free open-sourced video transcoder for you to compress MP4 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You just need to choose "High Profile" in the right drawer, and then resize the resolution or crop video under "Picture" option, set the video framerate/quality and optimize video to define the video size.

Reduce video file size of any HD/4K/8K (MKV, M2TS, AVCHD, HEVC) or big-sized H.264 MP4, AVI or other videos to save hard drive storage, play on portable devices, share online, send via email or Skype using the best free (MP4) video size reducer/compressor – Way 1 - Reduce MP4 File Size by Adjusting Video Parameters Reducing MP4 file size by resetting its parameters depends on the following elements: codec, compress bit rate, resolution and the container, which together distribute the video file size.

Video codec/container: Although H.264 is the best codec for MP4 compression, converting MP4 to other format with smaller file size is workable.

FLV and WMV formats are considerable, especially FLV (for uploading to web).

Facebook Supported Upload Video Formats | You Tube Supported Upload Music Video Formats Way 2 - Reduce MP4 File Size by Trimming/Cropping Video This is a conservative way to compress MP4 video by cutting unnecessary part off, remaining less video content with the original quality, or cropping annoying black bars for playback video in full screen.

Win X Free Video Converter is 100% free and clean software to fulfill common video conversion needs, especially for those newbies who are not so skilled with software or computer.

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