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They were like the reincarnate of Romeo and Juliet and once seemed like they would even drink poison for love.

Here are 11 couples who broke our hearts when they broke up.

One of local TV’s most recognisable couples, the two got married in 2009 after six years of courtship. In 2011, their short-lived marriage ended as both confirmed their divorce.

The couple said the decision was due to “personality differences”, and Michelle explained that their lifestyle habits and pace of life were different.

Shaun added that they will “still be good friends” and that he “will watch over her forever, protect her, and stay by her side”. Shaun later married a Malaysian beautician, Celine, and became the father of a baby girl in December last year (2015).

Former It couple seemed to have it all — celebrity status, beautiful kids, and a seemingly loving relationship.

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