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An example of this is their pastry selection, which offers an assortment of Filipino bread, such as Spanish Bread.

“People look for it, but then you only find it in neighborhood panaderos.

So what we did is we brought it into the city so people can buy it anytime they want,” Chef Siggy said.

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Other flavors include Bacon Onion, Nutella (“Everyone likes Nutella so we just put that in the Spanish bread.”), and Peanut Butter and Jelly (all P40).

As with your panaderia-bought Spanish Bread, these go well with coffee.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, there is A Man’s Salad (Full P550/ Half P280).

The salad is very macho, with everything shredded and tossed haphazardly, lest anyone think that there is anything dainty about eating vegetables.

Hatch 22's interior.“A catch 22 is a situation where you don’t really have an escape,” Monique Monasterio, Hatch 22’s Marketing Manager said. If they want bread, coffee, dessert, lunch, dinner, cocktails, (they choose us).

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