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Barely making ends meet on her pension, the former teacher tells Mail Online she would be prepared to take care of her unruly brood of grandchildren – the eldest of whom she claims attacked her a few months ago - but reveals: ‘It would probably kill me.‘I would get the best lawyer for this not to happen because I’m not young enough to take care of them, but of course I would help.

Some teenagers they go sleep around or whatever to get attention, she never did that, so I just couldn’t believe it.

When asked about Nadya’s court case, Angela said: ‘My reaction is, it that it’s all bulls**t…you know. She’s got 14 kids, so she probably asked for more and somebody gave it to her.

Prosecutors say that in the first six months of 2013, Nadya applied and received over $16,000 in welfare payments, in addition to $6,667 from the Cal Works financial assistance program and $9,814 from Cal Fresh food aid program.

Working mother: Suleman became famous in 2009 after becoming the second U. woman ever to give birth to a healthy set of octuplets.

She has since resorted to stripping and starring in porn to provide for her 14 total children This is just the most recent financial hardship for Nadya who was evicted last month after living rent free in a friend's home.

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