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Problem is, you’ll have to come back eventually–and the other person knows it.This creates an entire array of problems which could have been easily avoided had you simply lived in a different place.I have said before that the single most powerful tool in a man’s arsenal is the Next: the complete withdrawal of attention, in response to poor behavior, as a means of punishing that behavior and encouraging future pleasantry.

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Problem is…when you’re living with her…you simply cannot do this.

You will come off like you’re pouting and ignoring her, but she can chase you around the house making demands, crying, begging you to speak with her, and otherwise wearing you down until you cave–at which point the entire exercise will have been a waste of time.

Nexting a woman makes her rethink whether it’s really worth treating you poorly, as well as employing the age-old “Willing To Walk” card that works far more often than not to get her back on board and treating you with the kindness and respect you deserve.

I don’t mean that you’ll completely stop having sex–that probably won’t happen until you’re married–but at the very least, the frequency and intensity of sex will quickly drop off once that initial brief honeymoon period of living together wears off.

If you’re living with a woman right now as you’re reading this, it’s both my hope and my intention that this post resonates with you enough to get you to reconsider.

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