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Internet dating has evolved from asking a person of interest "A/S/L?

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OKCupid offers a better free product than rival free site Plenty of Fish, but lacks e Harmony's Getting Started You begin by creating an Ok Cupid account and answering the seemingly endless questions that the service uses to discover compatible partners via a mathematical matching formula.

Most top dating site do this, but Ok Cupid stands out because it not only asks you a question, but demands that you label its importance and how you'd ideally like a potential date to answer.

Plenty of Fish, on the other hand, has a set amount of questions, but the queries aren't as in-depth as Ok Cupid's.

Plus, Ok Cupid allows you to type in a brief question addendum if you'd like to further explain your answer for clarification purposes—a nice touch.

OKCupid serves up a numerical percentage based on "Match," "Friendship," and "Enemy." Naturally, you'll want that Match percentage to be as high as possible.

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