Online dating rituals of the american male fake

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The first date is important because it might lead to a second date or… I don’t think I will see you in a better light just because I am meeting you at night. Definitely not the movies or any places that have loud music.

I don’t get why there is a need to “feel” like a date. Watching a movie will not tell me anything about you and so is watching a band or having to talk loud to be able to hear each other. I have gone on a walk, meet up for a coffee or a drink and that is perfectly fine for a first date.

Late afternoon might be a good time because if it turns out good, you could push it for a dinner and therefore spend a bit more time to learn about each other.

I think on a first date, it is a friend zone anyway, and this is why the first date is happening: to see if there is a possibility of getting out of the friend zone. I recently when on a date with a guy who obviously liked me but I could not see him out of the friend zone.

He was a “nice” guy, I just did not click with him.

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