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Comic, wise and unfailingly tender, Something to Tell You is Kureishi's best work to date, brilliant and exhilarating.

It took me 20 days to battle through this book and I wish I hadn't bothered. Intimacy was so powerful, fearless and beautiful, that I couldn't wait to get stuck into this. Kureishi tries to shoehorn so many themes into ths novel (immigration, race, parenthood, growing old, sex, drugs, london in the 70s, guilt, love) that it's not surprising it feels unfinished, wishy-washy and rambling.

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The plethora of improbable characters seemed largely pointless.

Many appeared to be present only to further Jamal's self-indulgent whining, or for random sexual expolits.

There are a few neat little observations that i enjoyed but it mostly seemed like a lot of people doing stuff, completely unconnected to each other or the plot.

Such insane characters need a little explanation and this was lacking.

OPIS: The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Online Sa Prevodom. Porodica Gardner je u teškoj finansiskoj situaciji i jedva spaja kraj s krajem.

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