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Olympic medal winners have come from many countries: this man didn't get one, though.

Marathon runner Dorando Pietri, of Italy, had collapsed as he entered the stadium in London, 1908 and, was helped to his feet by officials and guided to the finish line.

And in that time, 29,216 medals have been awarded - and splits roughly, but not equally, in three ways into Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Get the full data here • Get the data • Interactive guide to this data • Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian Of the 26 Summer Olympics since 1896, this will be the third in London - the only city ever to have three games.

In fact, the first two Olympiads awarded silver medals and an olive wreath for the winner.

The IOC retrospectively awarded gold, bronze and silver to athletes based on their rankings.

Of those thousands of medals, the big winner has been the US - a trend that has continued.

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