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NOTE: Since the release of Wood R4 and the lack of unofficial updates for DSTT firmware, this firmware is not highly recommended.

You can download the latest TTDS EXT, INFO, SAV files here.

this firmware does on the R4 (except for on the Firmware YSM is the latest version of YSMenu for the R4DS.

A workaround for this is to load a ROM with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support, connect to the internet with it, disconnect, use In Game Reset and then load the homebrew in question.

Some homebrew made with the PAlib library do not function properly*, leading to loss of touchscreen use, sound and/or choppy graphics.

As a result, these homebrews can be unplayable due to lack of proper controls.

There has been another update to dswifi 0.3.1 () Homebrews will need to be updated for newer DS Lites.

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