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When the waves get too big for surf campers at Manresa, then we have the option of surfing the gentle point breaks of Capitola and Santa Cruz.But what’s ideal about camping at Manresa, is that we don’t have to get into cars, go into town, be in traffic, and try and park to be able to surf.We just get up, walk down the trail and into the water, and when we’re ready return to a campfire and food.

Camps are designated for pre-teen and teenage kids, although adults are welcome, too.

The number of campers in each summer surf camp normally varies between 10 and 20.

Club Ed maintains an instructor-to-student ratio of one-to-four, so there are anywhere from three to six camp instructors/supervisors on the camp premises at any given time.

Our campsites along the bluff, overlooking the Monterey Bay Sanctuary, are guaranteed to us every year.

We camp in tents having close access to bathrooms and warm showers while also having a solar heated rinse-off water right in our campsite.

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