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* Alybadix and Aly Base (database program) * Ankona - create diagrams, store and solve chess problems * Brutalis - Chess / Skak * Chess Archive - creating a personal database of chess compositions * Chess Explorer * Chess Problem Solver * Chess Tactics Pro - Puzzles * Chess Wizard * Chest and Chest UCI (including database) * Euclide * Fancy * Freezer * Goliath Mate UCI * Guess the Move - User´s Guide * Gustav for Windows 7 * Mate Master * Mater UCI * Matesolver (section "Programmieren in C") is not for download - please contact Jens Schweikhardt to get it * Natch * Popeye - Franz Huber´s Program Projects - Olive (link "Software") - Py Win Shell - Windows Popeye Shell * Problemist for Palm Pilot / PC / Pocket PC * Retractor * Utilities and Programs by Martin Väth * Schwalbe - Chess Problem Database Server - * Deutsche Vereinigung für Problemschach * VKsach * Wilhelm - Older Edition * Win Chloe and Win Chloe Light * Yatt - Yet Another Tactics Trainer - User´s Guide * Abdelaziz Onkoud (French) * Andrew Buchanan * Arca Max Publishing Inc * ARVES - Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor Schaak Eindspel Studie * Association Neuchâteloise des Clubs d´Échecs, Switzerland (with comments in French) * Bengt Ingre "Schackproblem" (Swedish) * Berlinthema - Schachproblem und Problemschach (German) * Brian Stephenson´s BDS Website * British Chess Problem Society * Bruno Berenguer´s checkmates / chess problems * Chess Composition Microweb by Juraj Lörinc * Chessd Base by Jaroslav Stun * Chess Endgame Study Database Moldova * Chess Problems by James Acres / Aaron Cronan / Dave Gertler / Shelley Knowlton / Adam Miller * Chess Puzzles by GMs * Chess Tactics Server * Chess Tempo - website dedicated to helping chess players improve their game * Club d´Échecs de la Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland - problèmes (PDF) - solutions (PGN) * Collection of Chess Checkmate Puzzles * Convekta - chess puzzles * Dansk Skakproblem Klub - Danish Chess Problem Society * DEJASCACCHI edited by Michele Deiana * DHTML - a collection of tools like PGN viewer / opening and tactic training / chess puzzles * ÉCHECS ARTISTIQUES (French) * El arte del mate en dos by Eduardo Sadier * Estudiando Ajedrez (Spanish) * Glarean Magazin * Greek Blogspot - chess problems * harmonie-aktiv - Zeitschrift für Problemschach * he´s homepage by Dr.

Hilmar Alquiros * Horst Degenhardt (German) * Huntsville Chess Club pages * i Chess - Chess Tactics * Ideachess - chess tactics training * Il Matto del Postino (Italian) * Ján Golha´s Chess Composition * John Bain´s Chess Puzzles * Key Moves from the United Kingdom * Leo Mano´s Problemas de Xadrez (Portuguese) * Marek Kwiatkowski´s 100 Polish threemovers (PDF) - Collection HTML * Mastermove by Bert van der Marel * Matthieu Leschemelle´s Problemist Collections - fichiers de problèmes à télécharger * Mr.

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