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Popper takes the same idea, but adds in some very nice graphics, an accelerometer, and a whole lot of fun. The complete design of the game looks polished, from the wood backdrop to the felt-tip style fonts.a Clever Twist’s own description reads “delicious graphics” which I have to agree with.

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The accelerometer is put to great use in some levels, either to control the direction the pops will go, or to control the pops’ movement (spinning fast, slowly, etc.) The levels nicely progress in difficulty, giving you enough time to master the techniques, but not so much that you become bored. Fast movement and a sensitive accelerometer make for a tricky level. I’ve played many versions of breaker—on mobile phones, consoles and online—but Popper adds more to the game itself.

Each level follows the same idea, but in different ways.

The way it plays on the i Phone and i Pod touch is nice too.

There’s enough movement needed to keep you entertained, but not so much that your friends will think you’re crazy, throwing your i Phone or i Pod around.

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