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Łódź [1] (Pronounced: Wooj) is Poland's third biggest city and an important industrial centre.

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This is referred to in the emblem and when you hear the dwellers of Łódź (łodzianin (men) łodzianka (women) łodzianie (plural)) calling themselves "the boat people".

A settlement on the area of present-day Łódź was first established in the 14th century and in 1423 it has been granted a town charter, along with the right to have a marketplace.

However, the real development of Łódź starts with the industrial era at the beginning of the 19th century when the city was chosen to be the heart of the rapidly-growing textile industry.

The population of Łódź soared from some 4k people in the 1830s and 40k in 1865 to over 300k inhabitants at the turn of the century, which was an unprecedented growth on a worldwide scale.

During the Nazi occupation, Łódź was incorporated directly into the Third Reich.

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