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These are covered in detail by the Active Record Validations guide.While this is an increase in comfort it is far from perfect. You can read more about the significance of input names in the parameter_names section.The helper methods called on the form builder are identical to the model object helpers except that it is not necessary to specify which object is being edited since this is already managed by the form builder.

However, since both arguments to are appended to the query string of the generated URL because even though you mean to write two hashes, you really only specified one.

So you need to tell Ruby which is which by delimiting the first hash (or both) with curly brackets. You can read more about them in chapter 7 of this guide.

For details on the precise usage of these helpers, please refer to the API documentation.

Checkboxes are form controls that give the user a set of options they can enable or disable: Other form controls worth mentioning are textareas, password fields, hidden fields, search fields, telephone fields, date fields, time fields, color fields, datetime fields, datetime-local fields, month fields, week fields, URL fields, email fields, number fields and range fields: The search, telephone, date, time, color, datetime, datetime-local, month, week, URL, email, number and range inputs are HTML5 controls.

If you require your app to have a consistent experience in older browsers, you will need an HTML5 polyfill (provided by CSS and/or Java Script).

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