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Sheldon becomes distracted from playing Age of Conan by Penny who accidentally tried to use her car keys to open her apartment door.

Sheldon learns that Penny is frustrated by her failures in life, specifically her not getting into any of the parts in plays she's tried out for, not having sex for six months, not receiving a raise at work and on her way up the stairs, she swallowed a fly.

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Leonard comes back to see a cat eating Penny's ice cream outside her apartment from her groceries that got dumped after her sack broke open.

When he enters his apartment, he sees Penny, now obsessed with Age of Conan, and Sheldon who is helping her.

By Leonard's request, Sheldon catches Leonard up on how Penny got there.

The boys are having some fun with a simple Non-Newtonian fluid (corn starch and water mixture) when Penny interrupts them to seek Sheldon's advice on the game.

Penny's obsession for the game grows as she interrupts Sheldon again, this time in the middle of his sleep to ask him for advice.

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