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Now yesterday, there was some problem with my Internet.

LAN was connected fine but just I couldn't access any site.

So I keep on getting notifications as the script couldn't find 200 in the wget response.

Now I want to make sure that it displays me notification when I do have internet connectivity.

So, checking for DNS and LAN connectivity is a bit overkill for me as I don't have that much specific need to figure out what problem it is. Here is my script to keep checking downtime for my blog: &1` FLAG=0 # Traverse the string considering it as an array of words for x in $RESULT; do if [ "$x" = '200' ]; then FLAG=1 # This means all good fi done if [ $FLAG -eq '0' ]; then # A good point is to check if the internet is working or not # Check if we have internet connectivity by some other site RESULT=`wget --spider for x in $RESULT; do if [ "$x" = '200' ]; then FLAG=1 # This means we do have internet connectivity and the blog is actually down fi done if [ $FLAG -eq '1' ]; then DISPLAY=:0 notify-send -t 2000 -i /home/ashfame/Dropbox/Ubuntu/icons/"Downtime Alert!

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