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Historical cases with 119 illustrations help to convey the author’s unique message.

The gates protecting America have been left undefended.

September 11th demonstrated only one aspect of this problem.

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(plus $8 S&H - Total price $68) Unheard of wealth concentrates into very few, largely undeserving hands.

Americans work harder and produce more than ever but increasingly fall into debt and bankruptcy while corruption rules, and predators plunder society by merely shuffling papers.

Less than 1% of the population now owns about 50% of the wealth, and receives 17% of the income!

The Lost Science of Money shows how a false concept of money allowed it to Here are the keys that unlock the mystery of the money power - the hidden force secretly exercised by those holding society’s monetary reins.

The Lost Science of Money exposes the mythology created to protect those who are embezzling from society, under cover of a deceptive ideology of money.

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