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Your duties will include - Using my publisher profile on Facebook to gain new readers and people for my ARC & email list - Using other social media platforms to advertise my book as a book publishing company to gain readers for my email list and ARC list.Many more duties involved, please message me back with your experience.Start the message with Diana Ross I am looking for a super awesome VA to assist me with my day to day operations.

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The idea candidate would be someone who can help organise my days, and look for efficiency in the tasks I am doing.

I am the CEO of a software development company and I am actively involved with two startups.

I also run a consulting business in Australia where I help financial services companies with their technology strategy and development.

If you actually read this description put this sentence at the end of your reply: "you should hire me because I read the description!

Having personal familiarity with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or "sensibilidad quimica multiple (SQS)", and accommodations regarding disabilities, will be very important as I have this condition and it will be necessary that you have a deep understanding of the accommodations required with such a condition as you will be responsible for arranging many such accommodations (such as travel plans).

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