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This post is meant to complement my earlier one commemorating Valentine's Day. To me, our culture takes the crucial matter of sex much too seriously.

Here I attempt to achieve the same thing with the always controversial, ever-intriguing subject of sex.

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Even when predominantly in the service of lust, it's still a form of pleasure, of play.

As such, it's both a welcome and necessary diversion from our everyday chores and obligations.

This is why witty sex quotes--especially those that beguile us into laughing at ourselves--deserve our (at least) "quasi-serious" attention.

To maintain our psychological balance, it's essential we let ourselves smile, giggle, and maybe even break up over all the incongruities, inconsistencies, and flat-out contradictions related to what may be our favorite pastime.

After all, what could be healthier than light-heartedly chuckling over our abiding impulses, susceptibilities, and weaknesses.

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