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Most useful are the type of questions and whether the firm's answer was successful, so they not only help to avoid FDA warnings but also avoid to overreact.

W-104 W-080 To download click on: W-075, W-076, W-077, W-078, W-079, W-080 After multiple GMP problems since 1998 Schering-Plough signed a consent decree with FDA May 16 and agreed to pay over 0 million in fines.

This was the largest ever assessed on an FDA regulated company.

Schering received at least five warning letters and 483's.

You can download five warning letters (D2 to D6)and an 18 page 483 inspectional report (D1).

The 483 is quite comprehensive and can almost be used as a checklist in preparation for FDA inspections.

W-074 Cleaning validation studies for the multi-use process equipment were inadequate in that l The cleaning procedure did not specify the quantity and time for rinsing thee ...

machine components therefore any organic residue found can not be quantified l Swab sampling was not representative of the total surface area ..., no recovery data for swab samples was available.

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