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Get random items which help you carrying on the story.-Avatar Decorate your own avatar with gorgeous traditional dresses!

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A functional Demo of my WIP Vampire Knight dating game~You'll be playing through his game as Eiri Kuriou; a day class member with a slight twist to her past In the end you'll be allowed to go to the ball with either,- Kaname Kuran- Zero Kiryu- Saeki Sasahara The books mentioned at the end (because the link refuses to work): A Welcome Burden The Price Of The Gift Sites that have permission to upload this game:- Deviant Art (golden-hourglass)It was cute but though I get how Eiri is kinda being reminded how much she "likes" guys a lot was a bit annoying.

Though until I can make my own game though I wish someone made a vk game to where u can make your own character I'll try to get into Eiri's character in the game.

They seriously make my day Warning: Zero and Beru swears just a tiny bit FAQ: Are you going to make another guy in VK series their own game?

I mean seriously, I don't care if I only have like 30 faves and but I do care if have a thousand and one comments. I might as well start slow, then suddenly do a project that large.

Even though you are a vampire, love is always complicated.

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