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What’s more, Shake It Up features plenty of modern dance moves kids might want to emulate.

Its overly sanitized view of life won’t work for more worldly tweens, and it certainly doesn’t offer kids much quality content to sink their teeth into, but it’s mostly innocuous for kids…as long as parents follow up with a reality check now and then.

Synopsis: Patsy Brent, bail-bond broker, finds that her partner, Eddie Jones, who is trying to acquire a better class clientèle has invested all of their capital to bail Steve Morgan, investment company executive who has been framed on an embezzlement charge out of jail. Trying to find Morgan, Patsy stumbles across the body of John Clark, Morgan's ex-boss, not to mention now late boss.

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Season 3 Episode 1 Caroline Sunshine tries to off Bella Thorne a present in this exclusive photo from the season 3 premiere of “Shake It Up.” Shake It Up!

The producers are not replacing Kenton Duty as Gunther and are looking forward to developing new storylines for the character and Kenton’s great talent.” Shake It Up!

To my fans of the show, I will see you again next year when Gunther pops in to say ‘Hello Bay-Beees’! Season 3 Episode 1 As always in the creative process, story direction evolves and when it does, it can require that characters come and go and cast members’ status be adjusted accordingly.

Lately, I have been given so many diverse opportunities that I decided it was time to explore these great new offers.

I have learned so much on the set of Shake It Up, and I have made wonderful friends, who have turned into my second family.

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