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“I’m married,” I told him, but he said he didn’t care. But it stayed platonic until Simon invited me to his birthday party at Stringfellows.

He wouldn’t leave me alone the whole night, telling me I was gorgeous.

The following day, I went to his apartment and he answered the door topless in white jogging bottoms. The next day, we kissed in the Jacuzzi at the gym we both went to, then went back to his where we did everything except have sex. We were texting every day and seeing each other three times a week. He also gave me a lot of money to buy gifts for myself and my family – £1,000 in one go sometimes.

We carried on like that for nine months, even getting caught by Simon’s PA who walked in when I was on top of him.

It finally ended in 2009 when Huseyin saw a text from Simon that said: ‘I miss you.’ He went crazy and went looking for Simon with a baseball bat.

When I rang Simon to ask what I should do, he told me it was over. Hus and I’ve fixed things now and I’m glad Simon [now 36] ended it.

Simon will definitely be trying to seduce his dance partner Kristina Rihanoff.

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