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MUSE, Shan State — Life was hard for Ma Nyo Nyo (not her real name).After the death of her husband, she struggled to take care of her children and her elderly mother who had suffered a paralytic stroke.When a cloth merchant from the China border area came to Ma Nyo Nyo’s small town in Irrawaddy Division, she thought her fortunes had changed.

After a four-day car journey, she arrived in a rural Chinese village and was placed with a local family.

“When I woke up the next morning I found the people who had sent me there had disappeared.

I questioned what had happened in Burmese but the Chinese villagers just waved their hands to show they did not understand what I said,” Ma Nyo Nyo recalled.

Ma Nyo Nyo gestured to the Chinese family that she wanted to use the phone and called the person who had brought her from Ruili.

The person told her to be well-behaved and to “give birth to a child as soon as possible” if she wanted to go back to Burma.

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