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Wanting women to take time to nurture their souls, celebrate their essence and inspire their spirit, Tracy co-founded Blue Zaria.

Blue Zaria, provides travel experiences for women to renew, replenish and connect with other women.

Her travels explores the culture and girls’ movement of the countries she visits.

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Through her passion for travel, culture and girls’ education, she hopes to inspire Black girls and women to travel, to dare to be different, to live life unconventionally, and to be totally indulgent in their self -care.

Tina Jacobs loves gardening, working the soil, tending plants, harvesting the vegetables straight from her garden, and preparing them to enjoy with family and friends.

While her children were growing up, her main focus was nurturing them so that they would grow into healthy, happy, well-adjusted adults.

After they were grown, she bought a farm and started her business, Devine Gardens, to help other gardeners.

Gardeners want products that are effective, but also safe for the environment and loved ones.

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